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 our curriculum

Using a research-informed and active-participatory approach to learning, our curriculum is based on hands-on experiences that encourage children to think, plan, imagine, and problem solve. By nurturing and challenging children’s critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills, we are able to help them grow using a variety of materials, thoughtful conversations and loving interactions.

This balanced curriculum produces well-rounded children who grow while:

  • Learning with their whole bodies
  • Using all of their senses
  • Maintaining their natural curiosity to learn
  • Communicating their thoughts
  • Thriving in trusting relationships
  • Developing an “I Can” positive attitude

We work to achieve each of these goals with every child by making only the very best available to them. This means:

  • Teaching math and other subjects on an interactive white board
  • Giving our infants nurturing tummy time
  • Creating new and exciting activities which engage every sense
  • Teaching sign language
  • Teaching the ABCs in an interactive, easy to remember way
  • Providing opportunities for motor skill development
  • Providing opportunities for creative development
  • Giving kids the chance to tell stories
  • Providing safe opportunities for children to explore and direct their own learning
  • Theme-based learning which engages children
  • Providing opportunities where children can resolve their own arguments, giving them social-emotional skills they will need for the rest of their lives

In order to build confidence in not only your children, but in you as well, we work hard to create an environment where parents and children feel safe. This means keeping you informed and in constant communication through:

  • Daily Activity Reports
  • School Newsletters
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Class Schedules
  • Parent Seminars
  • Open Door Policy

You’ll be amazed what the right kind of education, environment and encouragement can do for you and your children, so call us today to schedule a tour or ask us any questions you may have. We are ready to help and excited to learn!

Sample Daily Reports

Daily report for Drake on 8/4 naps 12:11 - 2:17 meals Breakfast - Had most of the Bagel and peaches Lunch - Had all of the Chicken meatballs, pasta, corn, banana PM Snack - Had all of the Pretzels …Read More

on 3/30 Notes: The Fun Bus was here today. We will be having a small Spring party on Thursday this week. Sign up sheet is posted by our door. Thank you. meals Breakfast - Cheerios, Milk, Apples Lunch…Read More

Daily report for Ella on 3/30 Notes: Ella had a great day today touching snow, making four leaf clovers and as always loved her tummy time.   Please bring in the following items: Formula naps …Read More

We work to instill a lifelong love of learning with a growing sense of confidence into every child that comes our way through loving environments and passionate teachers. Learn more about our mission today!

There is no better time than the present to give your kids the head-start they need. For their education, their social-emotional skills, and their lives, we can give them the tools they need to succeed. Schedule your tour today!

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I Am Amazed

My daughter has been going to I Can Kids since she was 4 months old. They had their ups and downs for a while but once Betsy came into her role the daycare and my daughter have flourished. …Read More

Jessica Reppert, Parent

Yea School!

My twin grandson’s age 2 attend I Can Kids. Each morning as soon as I drive into the parking lot the boys yell “Yea School.” At the end of the day when we pick them up they don’t wa…Read More

Maureen and George Weber, Grandparents

I Absolutely Love It Here

March 19, 2015 Since I have started at I Can Kids I find that everyone here is friendly and very hands on. Everyone here greets me in the morning with a warm good morning. What really impre…Read More

Alexandria Vega

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