March 19, 2015

Since I have started at I Can Kids I find that everyone here is friendly and very hands on. Everyone here greets me in the morning with a warm good morning. What really impresses me is that all the teachers here work together to care for my child not just his particular classroom teacher.

One of the things I love the most at I Can Kids, is getting daily emails about my child’s day and especially getting daily pictures of him. My friends are so impressed and are jealous because no one else I know gets daily pictures of their children from their child care. I Can Kids is the only school doing this.

My son learns so much here. Today he pointed to his elbow and clearly said “elbow” which is not something I taught him. At I Can Kids he has learned to do so much on his own that he was not doing before. He has learned to sit and eat his meals on his own. He never use to sit and eat. He doesn’t want me to feed him anymore as he now enjoys feeding himself.

I absolutely love it here. I have seen many other places and this place is always clean, on schedule, sends me pictures daily that never stop. Teachers are nice and are there for him and not just his teachers in his class. He is loved by everyone.

With all the children this school takes care of I wonder how they do it. This schools does a great job…it’s phenomenal. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a school for their child. It is number 1.

I have a new baby on the way and he is starting at 6 weeks old.


Alexandria Vega