We at I Can Kids are committed to an active, participatory learning program for children. We believe that the best early childhood education program is one in which children learn to teach themselves. Autodidacts, or self-learners, are lifetime learners who learn in order to satisfy their curiosity. Many studies have shown that learning from intrinsic motivation, that is from their own desires, instead of rewards, is a more effective learning method. When this is combined with the emotional stimulus of say, excitement, what is learned is remembered more efficiently. This method of learning is called Hot Learning and we use method through our interactive, positive learning environment.

We also value whole-body learning because we believe that all children learn through kinesthetic education which is learning that stimulates both body and mind. Furthermore, when a child learns while using the whole body, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated and this builds brain connections that will benefit a child for the entirety of their life, not just their school career. We are driven to help children become life-long learners and curious, problem-solving adults, not just students who can sit at a desk and answer questions.

We know that not everyone has the same learning style.  Some people learn better through listening while others need to see things to remember. The best way for a young child to learn for themselves how they best learn new things is to experience education through all sense modalities. At I can Kids, we also use lessons that engage every sense so that children can have a full sensory learning experience.