Our Philosophy

I Can Kids Child Care and Learning Center offers a fun and safe environment designed for your child’s growth and development. With an excellent academic program, the latest technology and experienced state certified teachers, we believe that having a positive can-do attitude in the early stages of life is what makes a child grow to become a confident and successful individual.

At our school, children are taught the strategies, tools and techniques needed to build self-esteem, self-reliance and self-confidence.  From our Infant through our Kindergarten Program, I Can Kids provides the essential building blocks for learning by nurturing the natural curiosity that children are born with. Our program helps encourage children to question, explore, discover, and try new things while teaching them that they Can Do anything they put their minds to.

We understand that children want to do many things for themselves. We see this as their desire to grow, learn and explore, rather than a display of defiance. We encourage their natural sense of wanting to do more, by allowing them to try pouring their own juice, washing their own hands, choosing their own clothes, and all without pointing out their mistakes. This approach allows them to really grow, understanding cause and effect all while instilling a sense of confidence in them. We aim to make “You Go, you can do it!” be our response to every child, equipping them socially, emotionally, and academically for the rest of their lives.