Infant Program (6 weeks – 1-year-olds)

Little hands. Big learning experiences.

We know that real learning happens from the moment your child is born. In order to give each infant the chance they deserve, we provide a flexible daily schedule based on each child’s needs. With a safe and nurturing environment, your little ones can freely explore and learn about their environment and themselves while learning beginning language and literacy, gross motor skills, and social-emotional skills. We believe in intentional teaching, where all the activities a baby experiences in their waking hours are used to develop building blocks of learning.

Our infant caretakers are friendly, warm and nurturing, and they tailor each day so our programs grow with your little one. From feedings to playtime to naptime, each day is full of love and learning in order to help every child grow to be strong, confident and healthy.

We communicate with you on a daily basis, when you drop your child off and when you pick up. In this way, we know exactly what your little one needs, and you know exactly how the day went. We’ll let you know if your infant hits any milestones during the day so you can watch for them during your time with your baby. We will work together to nurture your baby. We believe in the saying that it takes a village to raise a child and we want you to rest assured that we are part of your village and will care for your infant with the utmost care and attention.

Positive, loving, and encouraging environments are needed for your children, especially for infants. Contact Edison’s top choice for infant care and see how our programs can change how you see daycare.