I had the pleasure of visiting this learning center and was very impressed with the quality of the facility, the staff and the curriculum. The location is convenient right on Route 1 so that parents can drop off and pick up on the way to work. The large parking lot is safe and secure. There is an extensive security system to prevent unauthorized entry. Once inside, owner Betsy sets the tone for an atmosphere where children are encouraged to be all they can be with an “I CAN!” attitude. Classrooms are neat and clean. Each child is provided their own cubby. There is a set program for each age group so that children learn at their own pace while still being encouraged to excel. The meals provided are nutritious and delicious! Your child will be eating healthy foods to set the tone for a healthy life! The safe playground has a myriad of age appropriate equipment for fun during the school day. The teachers I met at the school were all caring and compassionate. They truly were there because they loved teaching and working with young children. Parents are kept advised as to what went on in school each day so that learning can be reinforced at home. If you want your child to be nurtured and enriched in a truly caring environment, then look no further than I CAN KIDS!

Sandy, Daycare Center Professional Expert