I had a big fear of leaving my child in a daycare, you hear all these crazy stories; so when I had to go back to work, I extensively searched and visited several daycare centers before I finally settled on I Can Kids. I love I Can Kids for many reasons…..it is very clean, bright and safe (coded entry system), but most of all because of the wonderful staff who take care of my child.

I Can Kids gave me what I needed to make my transition back to work easier – PEACE OF MIND!! I get daily emails about my child’s day, and I absolutely love it when they send me a picture of him engaged in some sort of activity during the day. It just makes my day so much better even though I miss him very much. His teachers are awesome and they take the time to give me insightful feedback about my child’s quirks and development. I love getting his arts and crafts projects. I’m pleased with the structure and discipline he gets at school because he is absolutely spoiled when he comes home. I appreciate the tips and suggestions I get from his teachers because it’s hard figuring it all out on your own sometimes. He’s eating different foods and experiencing different textures. Highly recommend!

Akosua Cartey, Parent