Daily report for Drake

on 8/4


  • 12:11 – 2:17


  • Breakfast – Had most of the Bagel and peaches
  • Lunch – Had all of the Chicken meatballs, pasta, corn, banana
  • PM Snack – Had all of the Pretzels and cheese
  • Late Snack 5:09 – Had all of the Munchkins and water


  • 10:20 – Wet
  • 2:29 – Wet
  • 4:20 – Wet


Circle Time  – Who’s here today board?, Songs, Number board numbers 1-10, Color board ,shapes circle,square,triangle, recognizing our ABC’s.
Art  – Today we will be making leafs for our classroom tree. This week’s theme is jungle week. Rawr. – Painting our hands to make our tree


Life Science – The Petting Zoo paid a visit and Drake enjoyed petting and holding the animals


Gross Motor Development – Splashing in the water with friends