1. Daily report for Drake

    Daily report for Drake on 8/4 naps 12:11 - 2:17 meals Breakfast - Had most of the Bagel and peaches Lunch - Had all of the Chicken meatballs, pasta, corn, banana PM Snack - Had all of the Pretzels and cheese Late Snack 5:09 - Had all of the Munchkins and water diapers 10:20 - Wet 2:29 - Wet 4:20 - Wet activities Circle Time  - Who's here today board?, Songs, Number board numbers 1-10, Color bo…Read More

  2. Daily report for Drew

    on 3/30 Notes: The Fun Bus was here today. We will be having a small Spring party on Thursday this week. Sign up sheet is posted by our door. Thank you. meals Breakfast - Cheerios, Milk, Apples Lunch - Chicken Tenders, Cauliflower, Milk, Orange Slices, Whole Wheat Bread PM Snack - Had Goldfish, Raisins, Water activities Morning Meeting  - Calendar, Weather, Kid Count, School Day Count, Pledge of…Read More

  3. Daily report for Ella

    Daily report for Ella on 3/30 Notes: Ella had a great day today touching snow, making four leaf clovers and as always loved her tummy time.   Please bring in the following items: Formula naps 9:38 - 11:13 1:51 - 2:35 meals 8:20 - Had most of the 4 tbls of cereal with bottle from home and all of the 4 oz of Similac Formula 11:18 - Had all of the 4oz of Similac Formula and all of the banana …Read More