on 3/30


  • The Fun Bus was here today.
  • We will be having a small Spring party on Thursday this week. Sign up sheet is posted by our door. Thank you.


  • Breakfast – Cheerios, Milk, Apples
  • Lunch – Chicken Tenders, Cauliflower, Milk, Orange Slices, Whole Wheat Bread
  • PM Snack – Had Goldfish, Raisins, Water


Morning Meeting  – Calendar, Weather, Kid Count, School Day Count, Pledge of Allegiance
Homework  – Read a book. Practice reading the sight word book SEEDS. We learned a new word today (they). Please read the -an word family list.
Reading, Word Study  – We learned a new sight word (they). We read the book SEEDS, and had to find the word they in the story.
Reading  – We read independently with a good story.
Reading  – We read REALLY SPRING, by Gene Zion.
Reading, Word Study, Writing  – We are learning a new word family: -an. We practiced reading and writing -an words.
Math, Social And Emotional Development  – We put together puzzles with a friend.
Social And Emotional Development  – We played in learning centers with our friends.
Physical And Motor Development  – We played outside with
Art  – We made a crayon rub using the word rainbow.
Music, Math  – We are learning some new Spring number chants.
Science  – We are beginning our Spring unit on seeds and plants.


Picture1 Picture1

Writing  – Writing -an words.
Reading  – Reading a good story.